The Boundary Climb at Mago Peak

A friend invited me to a climbing event, The Boundary Climb, at Mago Peak which is at the boundary of the towns Carmen, Danao and Tuburan, last July 2015. Since camping sessions were getting rare for me, this was my first overnight trek for almost a year, I did not hesitate and immediately agreed to join the climb. The event was organized by PAC Outdoor Gear which was open to all trekkers, both experienced and beginners.

The team met up at the North Bus terminal at around 10:30AM. The Filipino trait of having the "Filipino time" was evident as some participants arrived late. We were able to board a mini-bus (P50) bound for Carmen, our jump off town, at almost 12:00 noon. Adding to the delay was the ever growing Mandaue City traffic. Everyone gathered at the town market for a late lunch. From the market, it was nearly an hour habal-habal (P100/head) ride to Brgy. Santican which is the start of the trail.

Before the trek commenced, we first had to register  at the barangay and also had a quick pre-camp briefing with the organizers.

It was already about 4:00PM when the trek officially started. The path starts on a well established trail used by locals. Although it was a fairly easy trail, I am already breathing my lungs out. There is no doubt that I am clearly out of shape.

We passed by cornfields, rocky dirt slopes and emerged to a grassy hills.

After almost an hour ascent, we reached the only water source before the camp site. I was so glad we were able to rest for a bit while waiting for our turn to refill our water bottles.

We were lucky the sun was already setting when we proceeded since the grassy hills are devoid of trees for shade.

It was already getting dark when we reached the campsite. The event organizers prepared a little gathering session for everyone where we introduced ourselves. It's good to meet people from other walks of life who shares the same passion for the outdoors.

The sun was already up when the team decided to break camp.

Drained by the long and hot descent, our team decided that we would not push through with the caving and waterfalls but instead planned to go on a sidetrip to Durano Eco Farm to freshen up. The team separated with the rest of the group and proceeded back to Brgy. Santican, our jumpoff point, to catch some habal-habals (P50/head) to Durano Eco Farm. When we reached the spring, all I could think was water at last! I was very exhausted that I have not taken any picture of the pools.

The cold spring pools really helped a lot for our recovery. It must be the reason I have not felt any soreness as I should have days after the trek. From Durano Eco Farm it is just a 15 minute habal-habal (P30) ride to the Carmen market where the mini bus terminal bound for Cebu City is located.

Looking back, I am really glad I participated the Boundary Climb. It was a great comeback climb after a very long hibernation from the outdoors and active life.

Day 1
10:30 - Assembly at North Bus Terminal
12:00 - Depart NBT
14:00 - ETA Carmen Market / Late Lunch
15:00 - ETA Brgy. Santican / Registration
16:30 - Trek Commence
17:00 - ETA water source
18:00 - ETA Mago Peak / Campsite
19:00 - Dinner and socials
22:00 - Lights out

Day 2
05:00 - Wake up call
06:00 - Breakfast
07:15 - Break Camp
08:00 - Trek Commence
09:00 - ETA Sari-sari store / water source
09:15 - ETA Junction
09:30 - ETA Brgy. Santican
11:00 - ETA Durano Eco Farm
          - Lunch Socials
15:30 - Departure from Duran Eco Farm
17:00 - ETA North Bus Terminal


  1. Good to see you have blogged again :D

    1. Thanks! :) It has really been a long time since my last post.

  2. Sir may guide ig adto? Kay mo ara unta mi...

    1. Hello, ang among guide is from the organizers man sa climb. I think you could also ask for the locals to guide you to the camp site since duol ra and the locals are also very friendly.

  3. Hi John! :)
    Na-excite ko ug samot mu-visit sa Mago while reading your post...but---one question..asa mo nakasakay ug habal2x to santican? Sa Market ra? Any specific landmark?


    Kring (

    1. Hi Kring!
      Glad you enjoyed reading the post :)
      Yup, sa merkado jud, atbang sa Metro. Daghan ra habal2x mag-atang didto.



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