Topping Off Osmeña Peak

Osmeña Peak, the highest point of Cebu, is a popular site for mountaineers and campers. Last August 9, I had the chance to cross this one out from my checklist. This trip was my first ever mountain trek and camping experience and I was really hoping that everything would go as planned.

All set to the summit

I did not sleep well the night before the climb. I kept waking up to the annoying mosquito bites although I think it's just the excitement bug that kept me from sleeping. I woke up at 6:00 am and hurriedly prepared. Since it is my first climb, I just borrowed some stuff from my brother. Packed inside my bag were jersey shirts, basketball short, jacket, a comforter, water jug, headlights, and some trusty plastic bags for emergency. Now I'm all ready and set. Or so I thought. I forgot to bring my digicam :(

Our meet up schedule is at 9:00 in the morning at the Cebu South Bus Terminal but as usual (Filipino time as they say), the group was complete at 10:00am (actually, I was the last one to arrive.. hehe). Since it's a holiday, a lot of people were on their way home to the province so the terminal was jam packed. I wanted to take the air-conditioned bus but there was a long line of passengers waiting. So we took a non-airconditioned Alcoy bound Ceres bus to take us to the town of Dalaguete (fare is 101Php for non-AC bus). After two hours ride, we reached the town of Dalaguete where we had our lunch at a carenderia at the top of the town market.

Taking a break and enjoying the magnificent view
Although there is a typhoon, it was a hot afternoon so I had to wear my jacket for the long habal-habal trip. From Dalaguete we need to take a 30 minute ride to the Mantalongon market (50Php/person). Although the habal-habal can take you all the way up to the foot of the Osmeña Peak, we chose to start our trek from the market since we need to buy some food and wait for one of our companions who is still on his way. For beginners like me, I recommend that you bring with you a water jug or any water container. This will come handy in the long walk. At around 4:00pm we started our trek. The trek should take around an hour or two with a normal walking pace. Halfway through the trail, there is a water source which you can refill your water container. Mine is almost empty by now. From the water source, it should take around half an hour to the foot of the Osmeña Peak. An additional 15 minutes to take to the top. This is the most grueling part of the trek since the trail is now steeper. But the reward is a stunning 360 degree view of the island. Neighboring islands of Negros and Bohol can also be seen from the peak.

Fir trees along the road to Mantalongon

Setting up our camp

Bohol island can be seen from the peak

The Peak at morning

Pine trees at the side of the peak

Fog starting to engulf us

Peaceful mountain views

That's some heavy load

Our camp is the one at the right most side

Clouds and the view of Negros island
Overnight Osmeña Peak Itinerary
Day 1
1000 - ETD Cebu South Bus Terminal
1230 - ETA Dalaguete, lunch and rest
1400 - ETD for Mantalongon, 30 mins habal-habal ride
1430 - ETA Mantalongon market, shop for supplies
1600 - Start trek to Osmeña Peak
1700 - ETA camp site, pitch tent, trek to summit
1800 - Dinner, socials
2000 - Lights Out

Day 2
0530 - wake up call
0630 - Breakfast, sunrise at peak
0730 - Break camp
0830 - Start trek to Kawasan Falls
1230 - ETA Kawasan Falls source, lunch and rest
1330 - Start trek to bottom falls
1345 - Arrive at bottom falls, swimming
1600 - Wait for Ceres bus (Catched the Airconditioned bus at 5pm)
2030 - ETA Cebu City

**Credits to Momi Yoys and Beth for the pictures :)


  1. Of all the things you could have pa gyud :)) Maayo nalang wala nakalimot imong companions. Congratulations on your first hike+camp experience.

    1. Mao jud na akong first pangutana nila if nakadala ba sila'g camera.. Thanks :)

  2. Hi! Does Osmeña peak requires overnight?

    1. Hello Lara! No. The peak is just less than 2 hours from Mantalongon market. But if you start at the foot (registration), it would just be around 15-20 minutes trek.


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