Siargao's Hidden: Magpopongko Beach Lagoon

The sand and the beach at Magpopongko Beach
When I hear Siargao, all I can think of is surfing. There is no denying that Siargao is the surfing capital of the Philippines with all the large waves loved by the surfers. But amidst the crushing of the high waves, there is a peaceful side of Siargao hidden away from the bustling surfing world.

Siargao countryside

Forty kilometers and around an hour ride from Cloud 9 Boardwalk is the Magpopongko Beach which features pool like lagoons where one can enjoy swimming without worrying if you'd be taken away by the waves.

Big waves in Magpopongko Beach

Better watch out for those deep areas

Angry Pacific Ocean

White sands of Magpopongko beach

No waves that big in Cebu
From the calmness of the lagoon, you can hear the angry growls of the Pacific waves  crushing into the sea cliffs meters away. Swimmers would definitely enjoy the clear, deep waters of the lagoon.

Large rock to take cover from the scorching sun
Clear and deep waters of the lagoon

Getting there:

From Cebu, you can get to Siargao by air or sea. There is a regular flight schedule offered by CebuPacific. If you prefer taking the boat, you can catch a ride from Cebu to Surigao. From Surigao, you can then take another boat to Dapa, Siargao.
The common mode of transportation in Siargao is the habal-habal (I have not found any passenger jeepneys around). The drivers always have with them a map of Siargao featuring all the spots to showcase for the tourist. Standard rate going to and from Magpopongko Beach is P1,000.
Entrance fee to the beach is P50 per person. Tables and benches are available for free.

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